SUPER RARE Sports Cards Worth a Fortune!

i love sports cards love coin collecting love collectibles sports memorabilia i’ve been collecting it my entire life so as always let’s just hop

Into this one alright so if you guys have any sports cards laying around maybe you inherit uh you know card collections or coin collections whatever it may be we are talking about this every day on the channel what these things actually sell for at auction here’s a 1933 babe ruth card it’s the big lead chewing gum card here this is just awesome as you can see it’s got a very low grade it’s graded at a three this isn’t no jim

Met 10 stuff but this is a very rare card to have and that’s why the card sold for 20 000 at auction graded by psa all right here is a 1979 wayne gretzky oh peachy uh card here that is uh at a gem mint 10. so can’t get better than that jimmy 10 by psa this card you would not believe what this card sold for this card sold hold your breath for 1.29 million dollars almost 1.3 million dollars for this wayne gretzky card

Unbelievable uh that someone paid over a million dollars for a piece of cardboard as much as i love sports cards there’s no way i could ever pay a million dollars for one all right here is a box of 1987 nba basketball trading cards this is the flear box and this box ended up selling at auction for over 16 000 and of course that’s because people want to open the boxes get out the rare cards have the cards graded and then sell the

Cards for more than what they paid for for the box so you gotta you know think about making money there uh include your favorites magic johnson michael jordan larry bird kareem abdul-jabbar and more all right so here is a michael jordan card from 1987 that fleer card from 1987. graded by psa at a gym med 10 this card sold for 23 000 so it sold for more than the flare box sold for

So keep that in mind that’s how you make a little bit of money if you actually got 16 000 laying around and you can take the risk of hopefully finding a gym meant 10 michael jordan in there all right here is a 1991 tops desert shield ken griffey junior card now a lot of people have these cards they’re very common but what you want to look for is that gold desert shield uh that is on the top right of the card uh those are the ones that are

Uh you know you really want to look for and to have it at a gym med 10 very very rare to have it in this condition graded by psa and this card ended up selling for over 18 000 because of that grade now here is a kobe bryant card rest in peace uh at a pristine 10 by beckett it is the 1996 to 97 tops chrome card here and this card ended up selling for over 15 000 at auction so if you’ve been holding onto sports cards for a long time you haven’t

Opened any boxes now it’s definitely time to do it and research which cards you should get graded and cash out here is a 2003 tops chrome lebron james black refractor card uh pretty nice gem mint 10 can’t get any better than that by psa number 284 of 500 this card ended up selling at auction for 480 000 nearly a half a million dollar card i mean that is just

Unbelievable here’s another lebron james card it’s a super fracture one of one uh 2004 tops chrome card again gem met 10 by psa this card ended up selling for 720 000 unreal here’s a steph curry rookie card uh tops chrome 2009 refractor and it’s at a 8 graded at an 8 by psa but the card still sold for 26 000 so it really depends on the population of these and specific grades and uh of course um you

Know this is his rookie card number 210 of 500 so it depends on the card that you have if it’s numbered or not it’s a refractor you know is it got an auto what grade is it all those things matter when determining the value 26 grand there now here’s a luca uh rookie card don roose optic black velocity from 2018 to 19 and this card is at a pristine 10 by beckett and this luca card ended up selling for 38 000

Can’t beat that man for a modern card like this just so unreal here’s another example of that that is uh even more mind-blowing this card sold for a 198 000 again a luca rookie that is the 2018 pandini prism red shimmer uh graded at a awesome gym mint 10 by psa 198 thousand dollars it’s also numbered one of seven here is a marant love drama rant man i’m in kentucky uh love his story how he uh went to a you know

Smaller college of course and uh ended up being very successful so here’s a 2019 panini select job moran green disco prism graded by psa at a gem man 10 this card is numbered out of five and this card ended up selling for over 16 000 16 grand for a 2019 basketball card here’s a justin herbert card that has not been graded it is numbered one of five and it is signed by justin herbert himself it is the 2021 prestige football card here i mean this is

Awesome a 2021 card ungraded sold for 14 000 on ebay can you believe that 14 grand someone’s gonna sit on that and hope for a return on their investment.