How to spot a Fake or Reprint rookie card – Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, Tom Brady


Fake cards is the top conversation today, something that’s played the card market for a long time. People printing fake cards of the actual high value cards and then trying to sell them for a profit can leave a lot of buyers high and dry and have a lot of money. So I wanted to discuss a few of those. I see it often on ebay. It’s not uncommon to see a fake Step Courier fake Trout actually posted on there is real, and I find even some what I would consider collectors who should know better actually posting cards that are fake.

So I want to give you a few pointers to look out for if you’re buying ungraded. Obviously the way to avoid this is to buy graded cards because the graders are skilled and knowledgeable and how to identify fakes. For the most part, I guess could have a few that slipped through the cracks, but some things that can help alleviate any issues, especially if you’re buying through Ebay. First and foremost, look at the members’ credibility through their feedback. Obviously, the more they sell, the more credible they likely are.

Also, look at their return policy and that can save you some headaches. If you get a card and you feel that it could be a fake, you can always return it and get your money back. Ebay will protect you there. The other thing is that help me get an eye piece and you can actually get a closer look at the car. A lot of times you can tell just by looking at the naked eye, but this has definitely helped me a few times.1986 Fleer Basketball Michael Jordan ROOKIE RC #57 BGS 5.5 EX+ w/ 8.5 Centering

There are some pretty skilled craftsmen out there who have made some very high quality fake Reprints, I should say. Remember, there’s reprint cards and then there’s fakes. The manufacturer will, in many cases years later do a reprint version of a card and it can look very similar to the actual rookie card of a player. They’ve done this with Mike Trout Tops has quite a few times, but all the manufacturers, they do that and you’ll see it from time to time. But they’ll clearly state on the card whether or not it’s a reprint or not.

And many of those Reprints still carry a lot of value. But the ones I’m looking at today are the fakes, the ones that someone’s printing out on cardstock and trying to take advantage of you and your money. First one here is Michael Jordan reprint. I’ll start off by saying if you find a Jordan that is perfectly centered, that should be your first indicator that there may be something fishy going on here. Not to say that these cards don’t come perfectly centered, but they’re very rare.

There’s usually something off about them and this one is very well centered, as you can see with these ones can be very hard to tell sometimes and you really need to know what you’re looking for. So this card I’ll pull it up here. Close. I can tell right off the bat it’s a reprint. And the pixelation on this card is very clear.

You don’t even need 90s to see it. As you look at up around the 132 there and around flare sign, you can see clear pixelation like it came off a printer. You put it on the IP so you can really see it pop. But these cards, the print on them are much clearer than that on the real thing. And some things to look out for.

There are a number of different indicators on this card, but one they always say look at the arrow here next to Premiere. That should be an Orange color that’s offset from the yellow in the background of Premiere. And this one actually looks slightly offset. So that wouldn’t really be an indicator for me on this particular card. If the pixelation is not the case, you flip it over.

Some other things. They tell you to look for the eyes of the Bull. But with printers today, you can actually see the pupils on these eyes here. There’s also summary prints, fakes. You’ll see the decimal merged in with the number here under the average column.


But another dead giveaway on this is not only the coloring, but also down here. You see the Copyright symbol cut off down here at the bottom. And that’s not the case on the real card. It actually hangs down over that pink. So just a few things to point out on this card.

It’s amazing with these Jordans how many people actually say that they find them in yard sales. Lo and behold, I found a box of cards and right in the middle of it was Michael Jordan rookie. And I don’t know if it’s fake or not, but for you to decide at a cost of 500 or $1,000, don’t get caught with the scheme. If they’re selling cards, there’s a very high likelihood that they know whether or not it’s fake. And also, if I got a potential real Jordan card, it’s going to take a real cheapskate to not want to at least send this into a grader to get it graded.

Worst case scenario, you spend $20 and it comes back nonreal card. But it’s much more valuable if it is a real card. So just be aware of that. It’s very rare that you’re going to pull down an unrated Jordan online. Have it be the real thing.

So the people who print these fake cards are obviously targeting high value cards. And both Steph Curry and Mike Trout certainly rising in value very rapidly. So this route here is the reprint that I bought on ebay. And this home is listed as a reprint. And you can see right off the bat there’s no silver coloring in the top, so it’s a straight print job.

Also, no silver coloring down here, around the name, around the Angels logo. So this is the real deal here. And you see the start difference in the picture quality of this card. You see the silver lining down there. These can be very difficult to tell.

There are fakes where you will find the silver still down round here. And a lot of times it comes down to the pixelation of the card. So one way to tell is when you have the card, go straight to this strip here, this red strip, the background of Mike Trout and you can see there’s no pixelation there, but it’s an easy area to pick up on the pixelation.

You can tell start difference in pixelation of both. So down around the number the US, you can see pixelation that occurs there. So those ones can be more difficult to tell. But just keep your eyes peeled. And obviously, like I said before, quality of the seller, they’ll usually be honest with you.

The more feedback that they have and the more legit they are in the sports carving us. So these carry a pretty high value ungraded. They’re about $400 and graded at a gym. Mint ten, they go up to $1,000. So something to be aware of.

Steph Curry that’s another one that is a pretty popular reprint card. If you grab this one, it can be very difficult to tell. Especially I’ve seen some that pixelation is not as prevalent on this card. So you got to look for some other things that stand out. So the whole bottom of the card should be silver.

And you’ll see that on this card over here, this one again, the print job came straight off the printer. The other thing to look for is aside from the top sign up there is the Y in the name. So if you look down here, you see a difference in the Y. The real card has that little loop on the Y. And the fakes and Reprints, they have a straight Y here.

So that’s the easiest way to tell on this card. Some of them out there on the market that are fake, they’re very good coloring. I’ve actually found in the last couple of months I’ve found three or four of these listed as real and I’ve actually had to message the people selling them and let them know that they are fakes. But to see the number of people bidding on the fakes thinking that they’re real, it’s obvious that not a lot of people know what to look for in these cards. So that’s the easiest way to deal with the Steph Curry.

So just be aware of that. And again, look for the pixelation you see on these as well. The real ones, they typically have a fairly rough border on here. It’s actually pretty rare to find a perfectly intact backboard just the way they cut these cards. This fake one is pristine around the edges.

So just some things to keep an eye out for. But ultimately, if you’re not buying graded cards, you’re looking for a better deal and getting rated yourself. Just be aware of these there’s a number of other fakes out there. One thing I like to do is send them off to GMA since they have such a quick turnaround time people who have some heartburn over GMA grading fake cards, they’ll write reprint on them. It doesn’t really bother me that much just because I know what to look for but just know that there is a difference between a fake and reprint.

Gma is just going to state reprint on anything that is not the real card so they actually will grade cards like these are just Reprints Domer grade but they’re not really worth anything but some people are buying them and thinking they hold value and I guess the value is in the eye of the beholder because people actually buy them on ebay but I do like GMA that I can send them off and if I got a person with a 30 day turnaround policy for returns I can send them off GMA get them back quick and be able to tell if they’re reprint or not so something to consider as you’re buying your cards and checking the validity of them so I hope this helps you all and please leave any feedback you have.