2021 Panini Mosaic Football NFL One Hobby Box Random Team Break #2

2021 Panini Mosaic Football NFL One Hobby Box Random Team Break #2

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Price: 30.00 USD

Card Details:

2021 Panini Mosaic Football NFL One Hobby Box Random Team Break #2


32 teams 32 slots disregard total sold 


You are buying into a random team break. You are not getting an entire box of cards. 1 slot gets you 1 random team. Which team you get is determined live during the break on our YouTube Channel Comicicon Breaks.  32 slots represent 32 NFL teams, more slots you purchase = more teams you own. All cards pulled for your team will be shipped to you.

The break is for 1 hobby box of 2021 Panini NFL Mosaic Collection.

10 Pack, 15 Cards In each Pack

Randomization Process: An online randomizer RANDOM.ORG will provide each owner with a team. 
1) Once all 32 spots are filled we create a list of slot owners on a First-Come-first-served basis in the order the teams were purchased.  
2) A Die roll conducted twice will determine the amount of times that list of slot owners will be randomized. 
3) NFL Teams are listed in alphabetical order from A to Z.
4)The randomized list of slot owners is pasted next to the NFL teams.
5) The team you are are lined up with is the team you get!

The break time and date will be scheduled within 48 hours from the moment all slots are taken to allow time to confirm everyone is aware it’s a break, not purchasing an entire box . You can watch the break live on Comicicon Breaks YouTube channel. Quick Link to our YouTube Channel:


All Breaks are handled with gloves and extreme care.

The Video feed and camera setup is a high definition 1080p crystal clear stream with two camera angles for a complete viewing of the break table. 


Have Fun And Enjoy The Hobby 

Please feel free to ask any question as 100% customer satisfaction is our first priority.

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